Huge Win: Spurs Take 3-2 Lead Over The Heat Before Heading to Miami

Manu Ginóbili

The San Antonio Spurs won their last home game of the season, taking a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals to beat the Miami Heat 114-104.

The very exciting fifth game of the series seemed to slip right between the Miami Heat’s fingers.

After every Spurs-Heat showdown we wonder who will be the next person to step it up, and for this game, in his first time starting this entire season, it was Manu Ginóbili who played immaculately.

Though he hasn’t necessarily had a great playoff run, averaging only about 7 points a game, Ginóbili had 24 points and 10 assists in Game 5.

It was actually nice to see the old Ginóbili in action.

The Spurs starting lineup were all in double digits with three of them being over 20 points: Tim Duncan, Kwahi Leonard, Tony Parker and Danny Green , who broke Ray Allen ‘s three-pointer record (25) in NBA Finals history.

No matter who your favorite team is, it is always great to see starts play at that magnitude and I know Coach Popovich is extremely happy with his team.

As for their opponents, I am absolutely infuriated by the way the Miami Heat played. No, they didn’t play a horrible game but the sense of urgency just wasn’t there.

You know that the series is tied 2-2 and you have a chance of continuing your momentum from Game 4 and you blow it?

But let’s talk about some good things.

The big three combined for a total of 66 points tonight which is not bad, only being outscored by one point by the Spurs big three.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade both had 25 points, and Ray Allen came up big for the Heat as well finding his shot and scoring 21 points. Bosh added 16 points as well.

The reason that I am completely outraged is simple. The Miami Heat is the best team in the NBA and they have been inconsistent in the playoffs.

It seems as if they lose sight of what’s going on or the task at hand. The Heat could have one this game.

It’s almost like they lose faith in themselves for about ten minutes out of the game. You are the defending champs… snap out of it.

The Finals isn’t about talent. It’s about which team has the will to win, who wants it more.

I absolutely believe in my heart that the Heat will win in Game 7, but sometimes your mind plays tricks on you.

Coach Spolestra will need to make adjustments determining the starting lineup.

Chris Anderson has not played the last two games due to Miami trying to play small, but you should expect to see him play because he brings so much energy especially at home.

A lot is riding on this Miami Heat team and I believe they will definitely win Game 6 to push for a Game 7. No doubt in my mind.

My prediction for this series from the beginning was 4-3 Heat. The Heat has to win two games in a row, something neither one of these teams were capable of doing.

Tune into Game 6 on Tuesday, June 18, 2013, as the Spurs try to win the title and the Heat fight to keep the season going.

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