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Getting It & Feeling Good: A Message to My Ladies

Ladies, too often we settle into situations that we aren’t happy in. We stay with a jerk because he’s familiar and because we’re taught that once they touch the goodies, we’re obligated to stick around for a while. We stay with the guy who is awesome, but not for us and end up breaking his heart because we’re still trying to play the “good girl.” NO!!! We don’t have to…

This Is More Than Trayvon Martin, Race Wars and Hurt Feelings

#Justice4Trayvon is more than Trayvon Martin. This is about Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Rekia Boyd, Oscar Grant, Aaron Campbell, Victor Steen, Robbie Tolan, Kendra James, Aiyana Jones, James Jahar Perez, Tarika Wilson, Deandre Brunston, Latasha Harlins, Ousmane Zongo, Orlando Barlow, Kiwane Carrington, Kenneth Harding, Jr, and now Jordan Davis