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10 Ways to Avoid That New Year’s Hangover

I wish there was a way to stop a hangover, but my research hasn’t produced any positive responses till now. However, all you can do is taking action to avoid one and to ease the pain if you have one. These 10 tips will help you get through the New Year’s Eve parties avoiding a hangover!

Links of the Week: YOLO has a down side; People are still racist, shocker; Preview Santigold’s new album!

What a week! There’s a pretty funny downside to YOLO; racists express themselves after a winning goal by Washington Capitals’ Joel Ward; Google Drive replaces Docs; Jezebel goes in “Hispter Racsm”; Santigold is about to release her hot new album; Minnesota continues its war on women; Trayvon Martin’s name gets abused for news fodder; CISPA passes in the House!?