Swin Cash Hopes You See More Than Nudity in ESPN’s “Body Issue”

Swin Cash for ESPN's Body Issue 2013

Swin Cash for ESPN’s Body Issue 2013

Swin Cash , forward for WNBA’s Chicago Sky, and her sleek long physique is one of many amazing bodies gracing ESPN’s fifth annual “ Body Issue ,” available Friday, July 12.

While we either find inspiration in these phenomenal nude human forms or gawk in pure lust, the issue also features very motivating interviews.

Each sports stars reveals their own body “issues” and hang ups, what keeps them going, their weaknesses and much more.

Enjoy photos from her Carlos Serrao -photographed shoot and see a few snippets from her interview below.

Why she decided to pose:

“My mom made a funny comment, she said, “Well, you better do it now before you get a bit older and have kids!” But I thought about it, and it’s really one of those things where I feel comfortable enough to do this right now in my career.

I’m excited because many people never would have thought I would do this. This is going to blow some people’s minds out of the water. But I’m hoping when people see my picture, they don’t just see nudity — they see fearlessness.”

Swin Cash for ESPN's Body Issue 2013

Her favorite way to train:

“Boxing. It helps me get out aggression, but it is so tiring. I have so much respect for people who box. My trainer holds pads, and I hit her with combinations. A session could be 30 minutes to an hour.

I’ll go three-minute rounds, take a 30-second rest, and so on. I’m pretty sure I want to try MMA; I’m just not as coordinated as I need to be. Maybe if I could get some pointers from Laila Ali, I would jump in the ring. Maybe that’s my next career! Just joking, definitely not.”

Swin Cash's ESPN Body Issue 2013 Photo Shoot

Swin Cash’s ESPN Body Issue 2013 Photo Shoot

Her battle with cancer:

“Before the 2007 playoffs, my back was bothering me, and a doctor told me I had a herniated disk and wanted to give me an MRI. By the grace of God, they saw something on my kidney and realized it was a cancerous tumor. It was like a bomb dropped on me right before the playoffs.

I tried to keep a smile on my face, but I was in a place of fear. I took a hit because people didn’t know what was going on. My coach was questioning my toughness, but I felt it wasn’t the time to speak about it because people would see it as an excuse for not playing my best. I tried not to think about it.

I didn’t want people feeling sorry for me, and I went through an avoidance period. It was like I was dreaming, like it wasn’t really happening.”