6 Most Shocking Moments on ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Unlike almost any other reality television show that is produced, Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, actually gives viewers an insight into the reality of what life as a celebrity is really like for those involved.

Although the producers planned to stage some of the action, they followed Dr. Drew‘s advice and let things pan out naturally –- producing truly compelling viewing.

Here are six of the most shocking moments on the show which may explain why Drew recently said he’s done participating:

Steven Adler’s Dramatic Breakdown

The former Guns ‘N’ Roses drummer recounts his harrowing drug induced suicide attempt that left him in a comatose state after a stroke. The drummer is still battling with drug problems years late,r and agreed to go on “Celebrity Rehab” to try and get clean for former band member, and best mate Slash.

The episode was fascinating and showed the depths that some celebrities reach while battling with addiction. Steven Adler‘s commitment to getting clean was questionable however, as he was caught getting high on his way to a psychiatric appointment.

Rooftop Crack Smoking Caught on Camera

Seth Binzer was only just starting out on his treatment program, when they discovered that he made his way to the roof, and was smoking crack. Dr Drew clambered up there to confront the Crazy Town star who agreed to come back downstairs — not before a sneaky last hit on the pipe, though.

Janice Dickinson Contemplates Death Due to Withdrawal

Janice Dickinson is an extremely successful former supermodel. During her time on the show she hit rock bottom.

Whilst suffering from extremely tough withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepine, Janice was caught on camera discussing the possibility of suicide with one of her close friends. It was a very emotional scene, that let you see the depths of despair that addiction can cause.

Eric Roberts Reunites with His Stepson after 16 Years

One of the most difficult emotional problems that serial marijuana smoker, Eric Roberts, had to deal with was the 16-year rift between him, and his stepson.

The pair stopped communicating with each other after his stepson cracked his ribs with a baseball bat, but Dr Drew was able to reunite them and rekindle the relationship once more.

This event helped Dr. Drew to highlight that drug rehabs are about more than the physical battles associated with withdrawal, as emotional and relationship healing are also an important part of the process.

Mindy McCready’s On Air Seizure

While laughing and joking around with roommate MacKenzie Phillips, Mindy collapsed onto the floor in a fit. Convinced that her roommate was joking around, MacKenzie did not call for help straight away, but instead laughed and clapped.

After receiving hospital treatment for the seizure, Mindy claimed that it was a result of an injury sustained by the blows of her abusive ex, and not due to alcohol or drug use.

Jeff Conway Assaults his Partner

During series two of Celebrity Rehab, Jeff Conway lost control during an argument with his girlfriend and ended up kicking her in the ribcage. It was a terrifying event for many viewers to witness, and gave a true insight into the actions of those in a desperate situation.

Celebrity Rehab offers a fascinating glimpse into the struggles that people face when trying to overcome addiction. Unfortunately, even with the help of the best doctors some are unable to beat their habits as sometimes the damage is already done.

Since the program was first aired, Jeff Conway, Mike Star, Joey Kovar, Mindy McCready, and Rodney King have all sadly died.

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