Heineken Seriously Tests Manhood with ‘Dropped’ Social Experiment


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Dropped Voyage - Morocco

If you had the chance to go on an excursion in any random place in the world right now, would you do it? More importantly, would you survive?

As part of its new “Voyage” campaign, Heineken® is testing exactly that with a social experiment called “ Dropped ,” where men are literally pulled out of their boring daily lives and “dropped” into the great unknown.

Proving their resourcefulness, the adventurers are left to battle the freezing wilderness of Alaska, the high humidity of Cambodia, and the extreme desert heat of Morocco.

They are given nothing but a few basic necessities, some directions, and one goal — make it back home.

Forced to discover their own personal limits and conquer their fears, they’ll face a multitude of challenges — tough terrain, curious locals, and unusual modes of transport.

“With Voyage, the fifth installment of our ‘Legends’ campaign, we want to go further than inspiring men to be resourceful and open to the world,” said Sandrine Huijgen, Global Communications Director of Heineken. “We are giving a few of them the opportunity to go beyond the borders of their comfort zone. ‘Dropped’ will challenge the participant to display their true character and if they do, have a legendary travel experience.”

Through a truly immersive and interactive experience, which launched June 3rd via the Heineken Dropped YouTube channel, viewers can able to follow each explorer through a hilarious, unscripted documentary-style journey.

My particular favorite is Brooklyn-based photographer William who had to trek a 2,000 pound block of ice through Morocco. Watch the selection process below.

Viewers can also contribute their own videos to the “casting couch” for the chance to partake in their own “Dropped” experience.

Additionally, consumers who buy special packs of Heineken can redeem a code to play an online game that tests their navigation skills with a digital voyage.

A select few will have the opportunity to win an adrenalin-filled experience and perhaps the ultimate adventurer’s discipline — space-training.

Check out the Voyage at heineken.com/voyage and watch the full “Dropped” experiment at youtube.com/heineken .

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