Watch: Trailer for Deion Sanders’ New Series, ‘Sports Dads,’ on Alright TV

Legendary NFL Cornerback Deion Sanders has teamed up with Alright TV to bring us his new show, Sports Dads , where he will be counseling families in which the sports-obsessed parents are pushing their kids to be the next big sports prodigy — possibly a little too far for the young athletes themselves.

Launched by Tracey Edmonds this month, Alright TV’s lineup will include faith-friendly programming, as they gear towards shows that are entertaining and informing, as well as spiritually uplifting and multi-age appropriate.

Sports Dads Hosted by Deion Sanders

‘Sports Dads’ Hosted by Deion Sanders

Sports Dads gives us a look at the stress-filled lives of children whose parents are convinced that their kid has what it takes to become the next big thing in sports despite mortgaged homes, life threatening injuries, and marriage dissolving arguments.

“This really hurts the kids. Sports should be fun,” says Sanders, a father of five and youth mentor. “These dads are living vicariously through their kids and putting too much pressure on them.”

Sports Dads will premiere on Alright TV on Monday, April 1st, so make sure to tune in and subscribe to their channel and follow them on Twitter.

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