Danity Kane Announces New Single “Rage,” Talks Reuniting & New Album

Danity Kane 2013

Danity Kane 2013 Promo Photo

For the past few months, rumors have been swirling about Danity Kane reuniting, and at the 2013 VMAs red carpet on Sunday night the group officially announced their reunion and comeback as a quartet.

Dawn's Danity Kane 2013 Promo Photo

Dawn’s Danity Kane 2013 Promo Photo

Aubrey's Danity Kane 2013 Promo Photo

Aubrey’s Danity Kane 2013 Promo Photo

Minus D. Woods Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, Aundrea Fimbres, and Shannon Bex happily talked to Billboard and MTV News where they spoke on prepping the release of a new single entitled “Rage.” Take a look at what they had to say to Billboard below:

On why they decided to come back:

“I think we really missed doing music together.”

On new music and an album:

“There’s an album’s worth of new music. We’re working with the amazing Stereotypes, who as you know they’ve done ‘Damage.’ We have a new record called, ‘Rage.’ it’s a better sound for us. It’s a live sound. Danity Kane with live guitar, live drums [and] more of a rock vibe. People will be pleasantly surprised at how we’re coming.”

“We’re focused on Danity Kane. When we get into the studio it’s just organic for us. Second to that, it’s the stage.”

The group members aren’t the only ones excited for their return! Many fans all over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr have been voicing their opinions on the group’s reunion and how they hope they can put girl groups back on the map.

I am one of those people, as I have gone  into my iTunes, deleted both of their albums and bought them again in celebration of the news. Does anyone have a first aid kit handy?

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