New Nomad•ness Travel Series Trailer

Nomadness Travel Series in Autthaya, Thailand

Nomadness Travel Series in Autthaya, Thailand

This past Spring, Evita Robinson and her Nomad•ness Travel Series were either going to continue trekking across the globe or become a distant memory. The 20-something fearless New Yorker put her creativity to the test and raised enough funds through friends and colleagues to keep the show going. A reality show of one woman, with one perspective, traveling one country at a time — Nomad•ness brings you urban life as it’s lived around the world. Check out the trailer for a new season of exploring art, music, food, local pastimes, and causes in South Africa, Thailand, Germany, and Cambodia.

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Theme Song: “Traveling Girl” by Mr. Ivory Snow @mrivorysnow.

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