Help kickstart the Nomad•ness Travel series by Evita Robinson

Nomadness Travel Series: Evita Robinson at Taj Mahal

The brain child of a 20-something woman who ditched cubicles after getting her diploma, to travel the world.

A friend of mine, Evita Robinson — a native New Yorker moved to Japan and started video blogging just to share her experiences with friends and family back home. We’ve been able to see her travel to 7 different countries in 2010 including moments where she’s been broke, stranded, ill with Dengue Fever or having a break down. While I’ll pass on the painful illnesses, to say that I am in total admiration of what Evita is doing is an understatement. Whether it’s from a desire to run away or an insatiable need to find out who we are, I cannot think of many better ways to do so than removing yourself from your typical environment — thrusting yourself out your comfort zone.

The birth of the Nomad•ness Travel series

Nomad•ness is the journey of a woman who had the nerve to take her life into her hands and put the rest of it in a backpack. For the last year Evita and her rinky dink camera have traveled all throughout Asia — Cambodia, Japan, India, China, Thailand and more. The webseries has caught some steam and now needs your help. By pledging whatever you can into this project, you have become a backer to help fund the episode, Berlin or Bust! This episode will be specifically formatted for treatment, television, and potential contests. Your pledges will be going towards the cost of (real) equipment, the hands and bodies that will be behind the camera, editing, and traveling costs incurred. Check out episode 4 of this season where Evita traveled from Chiang Mai, Thailand through the border upon reaching Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The goal upon the goal: I want to revolutionize the face of young travel! I want my own travel show!”

How you can help

The show has a production company signed on and the next step is getting an official pilot episode shot to shop to television networks. The goal is to raise $5,000.00 in 45 days and with 34 days to go, she’s raised $1,430.00 in online pledges, and $145.00 in cash donations. This project must reach $5,000.00 by May 24th, 2011. You can place your pledge at and learn more about the series at and on Facebook .

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