Art: DST!’s “Art Is For Fuck-ups”


We recently featured Brooklyn artist DST! aka Dane Thompson . Check out his latest artwork which toys with the idea that the world of art is a dead-end or last resort for losers.

In a bit of irony, he features Andy Warhol — a Pop icon and and artist who found extreme success in across artistic fields. Here are DST ‘s thoughts on the piece:

“Art is for fuck ups”

“Every artist thinks this every now and then… or at least i do.

I made this piece after thinking about college. I just remembered when some people would ask me “what’s your major?” I would say, “I’m a printmaker, in the art school.” Then I would get the questions like “why?” or “what can you do with that?” or “word, they have jobs for that?” It always made me laugh because I knew I was doing what I wanted to do and didn’t really care about that stuff. Then, I would think sarcastically to myself, “haha is art for Fuckups or something?” So I made this piece, showing a made up newspaper running an article on the topic, and I wondered how an art legend like Andy Warhol would react to it. This is the point in which he finishes the art bashing article on page 6a, and right before we get his reaction. I guess we’ll never know what Andy thought about the daily post’s intriguing write up.”

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