Creative Pick of the Week: ‘Electric Lady,’ Janelle Monáe Tribute by illumistrations [Print]

'The Electric Lady' by illumistrations

‘The Electric Lady’ by illumistrations

Artist Illumistrations brings Janelle Monáe ‘s sci-fi alter-ego Cindi Mayweather to life in his latest piece titled after the singer’s current album, The Electric Lady .

Cindi, an android in a dystopic Metropolis in the year 2719, “is on the run for daring to both perform as a human and falling for one.”

illumistrations' sketch of 'The Electric Lady'

illumistrations’ sketch of ‘The Electric Lady’

The Virginia-based, self-taught creative says, “I listened to [Electric Lady] pretty much nonstop while working on this.”

The 11″ x 17″ high quality gloss print is available for just $12.00 at .