Creative Feature: Adorable, fun and sexy illustrations by Asia Kendrick-Horton


the artwork of Asia Kendrick-Horton

Asia Kendrick-Horton , commonly known as “asieybarbie,” is a freelance illustrator from California that I came across randomly years ago. I became addicted to her vivacious characters and signature themes. The way she fits fluid feminity and texture into bold comic-style lines makes her stand out but she’s not limited to any one illustration style. Her versatility enabled her to have artwork chosen as the official album cover for Nicki Minaj ‘s hit single, “Your Love” as well as other Minaj artwork and t-shirts. Asia ‘s put over a decade of work into her craft and there’s no sign of stopping. Enjoy her work in the gallery below and purchase t-shirts of her artwork here .


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View more of Asia ‘s work here .


Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @asieybarbie

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