Watch: ‘NOMADNESS Project’ Travel Series Kicks Off in Samoa

'The NOMADNESS Project Premieres on Issa Rae Productions'

‘The NOMADNESS Project’ Premieres on Issa Rae Productions

Evita Robinson ‘s NOMADNESS movement started as one adventurous woman trekking the globe and grew into a tribe, thousands of millennial world travelers exploring art, music, food, local pastimes, and causes.

“It was all built around the idea of bringing like-minded travelers together,” Evita said during HuffPostLive’s “ International Travel Rising For Black Americans ” segment in January. “I was this Bronx-living, 20-something-year-old black girl backpacking Southeast Asia and living in Japan. So I really wanted to hone in on people that did things the way that we did and also show really what mass media wasn’t showing, which was that we are out here doing this stuff. We are climbing the mountains, we are running with the bulls, we are going to India to celebrate Holi just like everybody else and we had to create our own platforms to be able to show that.”

Nearly four years after premiering a series pilot shot in Berlin , The NOMADNESS Project has been brought to life through one of the spaces that creators of color go to thrive, Issa Rae Productions.

Executive produced by Issa Rae ( Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl ), the travel web series will run bi-weekly, starting with its first episode in Samoa.

There, the group met up at Taufua Beach Fales in Lalomanu, where they cooked and dined with the staff, watched a game of rugby, enjoyed a traditional fia fia show, drove into Apia to shop and learned the realities of the devastating 2009 tsunami. Watch below.

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