Watch: The 7th Generation Rises in MTV’s ‘Rebel Music: Native America’ [Full Episode]

MTV's 'Rebel Music: Native America'

MTV’s ‘Rebel Music: Native America’

The second season of MTV’s Rebel Music docu-series is focused on the artistic voices calling for change in Turkey, Iran, Venezuela, Senegal, Myanmar, and Native America.

This past winter, we got a preview of the Native America episode, Native America: 7th Generation Rises , which features four indigenous musicians and activists — Frank Waln , Inez Jasper , Nataanii Means (son of Oglala Lakota activist Russell Means ) and Mike “Witko” Cliff — using art to save their communities.

Directed by William Luther and set to the music of A Tribe Called Red and Kokayi , Native America: 7th Generation Rises gains its title from the Native prophecy that says the seventh generation will rise from crisis to restore balance to the earth.

The 30-minute installment focuses on just a few of the issues Native youth are tackling: devastatingly high teen suicide rates, environmental threats, murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada, and historical traumas and their connection to Natives currently being killed by police with impunity (sound familiar?).

Creator Nusrat Durrani called the episode a “true, awe-inspiring story of Frank Waln, Inez Jasper, Mike Cliff, Nataani Means and other indigenous youth.”

He added that the show demonstrates how Native Americans today are “throwing off the shackles of the past and fighting to reinvent their future.”

Enjoy the full episode above, and then check out an extended clip of Frank, Inez, Nataanii and Witko in the studio creating a brand new track, titled “The Revolution ,” here .

Keep up with the conversations on indigenous issues through #CrimeOfGenocide on Twitter, which has been created to avoid co-opting #BlackLivesMatter with #NativeLivesMatter .

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