Listen: ‘Honeytrap’ Director Rebecca Johnson Discusses Film on BBC R4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’


Writer-director Rebecca Johnson recently spoke with BBC R4’s Woman’s Hour about her new film, Honeytrap (2014), a revenge-drama film based on the South London murder of teenager Shakilus Townsend in July 2008.

The tragic independent feature tells the story of the “honeytrap murder,” where 16-year-old Townsend was lured to his death by a girl he was in love with, from the girl’s point of view.

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'Honeytrap' (2014)

‘Honeytrap’ (2014)

Honeytrap stars Jessica Sula ( SKINS ), Lucien Laviscount ( SKINS ), Ntonga Mwanza ( Babylon TV mini-series) and Naomi Ryan ( Guardians of the Galaxy ).

The film earned critical acclaim after two sold-out screenings at the London Film Festival in October 2014 and its U.S. debut at SXSW in March 2015.

It is currently showing in UK theaters and iTunes) , and will be available DVD and VOD on May 25, 2015 via Anchor Bay Entertainment. No dates for U.S. release have been revealed just yet.