How To Get Unfollowed on Twitter: HAVE AN EFFING MELTDOWN

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As a new tweeter I try to make sure I’m not following people “just because” and especially not just because they are following me.

With that said, I have a few online/offline friends and some family that I follow but everyone else is there for the purpose of interest or support.

Before I follow someone I check their tweets looking for different qualities: some links, some convo, some insight. A little bit of everything… And I try to stick to that format myself.

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I even go back through the people who have followed me that I didn’t want to follow back before, just to see if anything’s changed on their page.

So today, I hope will be the only time I have to unfollow a fellow colleague. I also hope that I can follow this person again… maybe in a couple of days.

While I’m sympathetic to other designers with expressing frustration with crazy clients, I’m also mildly amused but more so annoyed… And I question if this person knows the damage they are doing to their own name/branding.

Chewoo Twitter Rant

That kind of bullshit is what a personal blog is for OR there are even sites that allow you to type more than 140 characters, which technically is no longer “micro-blogging”, but whatever.

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Behavior like this is just plain rude. Everyone that is following them has a timeline full of ONE person’s tweets. Unfair.

Chewoo Twitter Rant

Now unless this person, who’s a fantastic designer (I’d link but there’s enough damage here), curses me out after this post… I’ll consider re-following soon.