Creative Pick of the Week: ‘Miley Cyrus Cultural Appropriation Paper Doll’ by Alexandra Dal
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'Miley Cyrus Cultural Appropriation Paper Doll' by AlexandraDal

‘Miley Cyrus Cultural Appropriation Paper Doll’ by AlexandraDal

Not everyone can appropriate from a culture or sub-culture like Miley Cyrus, but there’s a paper doll for that!

Artist Alexandra Dal put this brilliant set together to help you “play ghetto” with your ratchet friends.

It features Miley, her rebellious tongue and all her accessories: a jersey dress with Jordan’s number 23, a leotard that reads “Aint Nothin’ But A G Thang,” a bandanna, a gold chain, a hood pass and a bonus super ghetto hoochie Black homegirl. Fun and totally not racist!