Alexandra Dal Strikes Again With Hilarious ‘Black Women in Advertising’ Comic


Talented and sarcastic as hell, Alexandra Dal has blessed us with another snarky comic — this time on the blatantly skewed representation of Black women in modern advertising. The piece was created with Pitt Artist Pen on vellum paper and colored in Photoshop CS5. The young Texas art student’s ‘Lady Problems’ was just recently featured as a Creative Quickie . It won’t be long before she’ll be able to publish a book of these absolutely perfect pieces of visual commentary.

Black Women In Advertising (There Can Only Be One)

Black Women In Advertising by Alexandra Dal

“I only listen to Jazz and World Music. My ‘natural hair’ is a must. I’ll always have natural hair. And I’m always dressed like Denise Huxtable . Do you need to sell yogurt? Air freshener? Or birth control? Are you aiming your fast food advertising at an ‘Urban Audience’? Just toss ME in the background of your commercial! In a non-speaking role, of course. With a GAGGLE of White friends.”

CTHU @ “a gaggle.” Love it.

View more of Alexandra ‘s work here and follow her on Tumblr and on Twitter at @alexandra_dal.

Can you name the brands that are guilty of this?

[thanks goddamazon , dumbthingswhitepplsay ]

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