Photoshop Fail: Fake Gabourey Sidibe “179-Pound Weight Loss” Ad Spreads

Fake Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Ad: Whose Body Is That?

An image of actress Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe has been making the rounds all over social media sites, giving the impression that the full-figured star has lost a considerable amount of weight. Sorry guys, you’ve been duped.

You can blame Photoshop or turn your attention to false news site “ Idol Magazine ,” which created the fake “Seven Continents Diet” advertisement and even generated a fake story about The Big C actress’ massive and rapid weight loss:

“Move a little to the right Jennifer Hudson. Academy Award nominated ‘Precious’ star, Gabourey Sidibe is looking delicious after shedding an extraordinary 179-pounds in just 16 weeks.”

The ad was posted on the site in January, while Gabby appeared on the NAACP Image Award red carpet in February looking normal.

Gabby Sidibe at the 2012 NAACP Image Awards in February

So whose body is it? Well, whether for laughs or to make some sort of point, Gabby ‘s head was plopped onto the body of curvy plus-size model Marquita Pring . I knew I’d seen those thighs somewhere else before!

And that “You Is Precious” tagline on the ad just didn’t sit right with me. In any case, a lot of people think the ad is real, and they’re hoping to get their hands on this magical “Seven C Diet.”

Model Marquita Pring

Many are infuriated with this little prank, including Washington Post ‘s Leilah Reese , who says :

But let’s get back to my white-hot rage. Although the photo is from a site that boasts being “false, inaccurate and untrue,” it still stung. Along with the terrible Photoshop job was an even worse story about a fake new diet fad that supposedly helped Gabby lose “179 ponds in 16 weeks”. What’s significantly disappointing is there are people out there desperate enough to try something like this plan and risk their health in the process. Unless under a doctor’s care, no one should lose more than 1 to 2 pounds a week. That should be common sense, but fad diets are so popular that common sense gets tossed out the window when people are focused on a number. I’ve been guilty of falling for them, too, but learned the hard way that they don’t stick.

In REAL Gabby news, it has been announced that she will join Shailene Woodley , Eva Green , Shiloh Fernandez and Christopher Meloni in a new film, White Bird in a Blizzard .

The story is about a troubled young woman whose life is turned around by the disappearance of her mother. We’re not sure about what her role will be just yet, but the film will release sometime in 2013.

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