On My Radar: Avicii to Release Debut Album #TRUE in September


I came across electro music DJ/producer Avicii (Tim Bergling) back in 2011 when he collaborated with British recording artist Leona Lewis for her song Collide ,” which was originally announced as the lead single from her long-overdue third studio album Glassheart .

However when the album was released last year, the song was not included on the album’s final tracklisting.

After that, I stumbled upon a few of his songs like Tweet It ,” “ Sweet Dreams ,” “ Sunshine with David Guetta , and most recently X You ,” featuring Kian Sang, Naxsy, Martin Kupilas, ВАНЯ ХАКСИ, Jonathan Madray, Mateusz Kolata , and Christian Westphalen — just to name a few.

Well it seems that the 21-year-old Swedish DJ is ready to make his worldwide debut by releasing a studio album , his first ever actually. Take a look at what he had to say to Billboard below:

“This is about me being true to my sound but also to my own influences and musical preferences. This album consists 100% of songs I personally love. It’s true to me, true to my brand, true to Avicii.”

Set to be released on September 17, 2013, the album is entitled #TRUE , and will feature appearances from Joakim Berg, Audra Mae, Nile Rodgers, Mac Davis , and Incubus Mike Einziger .

He premiered a few of the songs from the album during his set at the Ultra Music Festival this past March.

The album’s release also marks the beginning of a new relationship between PRMD Music and Island Records , which will be co-releasing the set when it hits in the fall.

Avicii’s manager Ash Pournouri is a founder of PRMD, which Bergling called the “most innovative artist-centered label out there.”

The lead single “Wake Me Up” won’t be officially released until June 25th on iTunes and radio, but you can listen to it below:

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