Watch: Only “Sluts” Rap About Butts in Bart Baker’s Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Parody

Actress Tiffany Tynes as Nicki Minaj in Bart Baker's "Anaconda" Music Video Parody

Actress Tiffany Tynes as Nicki Minaj in Bart Baker’s “Anaconda” Music Video Parody

No pop artist is safe from internet parody creator Bart Baker , who is taking aim at Nicki Minaj with a re-creation of her infamous “Anaconda” music video.

The viral clip is accompanied by scathing bars that slam the rapper’s alleged plastic surgeries, mental capacity, hyper-sexuality and lyrics.

“In about seven years I’m gonna look like Lil Kim,” raps actress Tiffany Tynes as Nicki. “So plastic when I die throw me in recycling.”

That made me giggle but the majority of the video makes it abundantly clear that women are “dumb sluts” for talking about butts, and that Nicki rapping about butts over a sample of Sir Mix-A-Lot ‘s 1992 ode to booty turned it to “trash.” Lol, really?

“Rap about sex non-stop / Act like a whore / Waste the talent I got…”

Was Sir-Mix-A-Lot wasting talent? How about Juvenile ? Big Sean ? Jason Derulo ? Mos Def ? The Dream ? Or are male artists exempt?

The “Anaconda” parody also shows an angered “Baby Got Back” rapper (played by Tony Frazier ), but the real Sir Mix-A-Lot actually hails “Anaconda” as the “new and improved version” of his 90s hit.

Though Barker’s only intention may be to bring some funny to your day, his latest work is just one of his many gems that call female pop artists “sluts” and “whores” and accuse them of “hoin’ it up.”

Even a far less “sexual” Ariana Grande is turned into a porn actress who’s “boning a black guy to shed her good girl image” in Baker’s “Break Free” remake.

This enters Baker into an on-going debate on whether women will always be condemned for profiting from or owning their sexuality in white male-dominated media, where men have always been permitted to use women’s bodies for gain.

Beyond music, film, television and advertising, why are men still the only ones expected and allowed to enjoy sex?

“Anaconda” isn’t the first time Baker has poked fun at Nicki, parodying her “Super Bass” in 2011, and including her in a Rihanna ‘s “Pour It Up” in 2013.

He’s also created video satires for Taylor Swift ‘s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Robin Thicke ‘s “Blurred Lines,” Katy Perry ‘s “Dark Horse,” and Avril Lavigne ‘s “Hello Kitty,” just to name a few.