Watch: Sharon Leal & Larenz Tate in Trailer for TV One’s Segregation-Era Film ‘White Water’

TV One has unveiled the official trailer for White Water , one of the monthly original films the network plans to release throughout the year, beginning in February.

Set to air on February 7, 2015, the Rusty Cundieff -directed drama is described as “a riveting and culturally relevant film exploring the complex experience of a child’s first encounter with racial tension during the civil rights era.”

Sharon Leal, Larenz Tate, and Amir/Amari O'Neil for 'White Water' (2015)

Sharon Leal, Larenz Tate, and Amir/Amari O’Neil for ‘White Water’ (2015)

Inspired by a true story, White Water centers on 7-year-old Michael (played separately by twins Amir and Amari O’Neil ), who “becomes obsessed with the desire to taste water from the ‘whites only’ drinking fountain” in Opelika, Alabama during the summer of 1963.

His loving and protective mother, Annie ( Sharon Leal ), and free-spirited father, Terrance ( Larenz Tate ), learn of Michael’s obsession with tasting the ‘white water’ and make several attempts to discourage it.

His determination also stirs up Michael’s friends, the local police and the KKK, and leads him to finally understand the true dangers of his mission.

Michael C. Brandy and writing partner Eric Stein adapted the screenplay from their 2011 children’s book of the same name .

White Water is produced by Rusty along with Dwayne Johnson-Cochran .

Enjoy the trailer above and tune in for the film’s premiere on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 8:00 pm ET.

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