Watch: Emotional Goodbyes for Stuart Scott by Hannah Storm, Rich Eisen & More

On Sunday, Stuart Scott ‘s ESPN colleagues reacted to news of his death with teary eyes and fond memories of him as a friend and a father.

“We choose not to say that Stuart lost to cancer at he age of 49,” said Hannah Storm in her announcement of Scott’s death this morning (above). “Instead we’ll simply say we all lost Stuart.”

In the video below, Rich Eisen , Scott’s longtime SportsCenter partner, remembered him as “one of the most joyful, full-of-life individuals” and “a ground-breaking broadcaster in the world of sports television.”

He continued: “I loved this man. I still love this man. And the fact that he has passed away is absolutely mind-boggling and a travesty. He battled cancer as bravely as anybody else. And I know there are many people are battling cancer right now and Stuart would want you to know to keep fighting.”

NBA Countdown anchor Sage Steele reflected on her friendship with Stuart Scott and revealed some favorite memories of him with his daughters Taelor and Sydni. “He inspired me to be a better mother, a better parent overall.”

The network also aired several tributes for Scott, reliving his ESPN journey and legacy. Watch below.

The 20-year ESPN veteran was honored at the ESPY Awards on July 16, 2014 with the Jimmy V Award.

During his emotional speech he stated, “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live. So live. Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight, then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you.”