Judge Greg Mathis’ Crime-Solving ‘Mathis Project’ Premieres on BET Nov. 8

Mathis Project

Judge Greg Mathis is coming down from the bench to help understaffed police departments bring criminals to justice with his new show, The Mathis Project .

Premiering this Friday, November 8th on BET , the docu-series aims to empower neighborhoods plagued by unsolved homicides.

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From BET:

“Judge Mathis unites local volunteers and law enforcement to gather information that has the potential to solve the case — and get community members to do what, for some, is unthinkable: reveal what they know. Mathis’s investigative skills will bring these cases to a close by exposing the truth that witnesses, anonymous tipsters and “word on the street” sources have kept hidden for years.”

“I’ll be on the ground in the toughest neighborhoods seeking tips for cold cases,” Judge Mathis announced on Facebook Tuesday. “I’ll also organize rallies and marches in the communities in an effort to reduce the murder rates.”

The no-nonsense retired judge is best known for his NBC reality court show, which began its 15th season in September of this year.

Strangely, I haven’t seen a bit of promo for Mathis Project on BET, but be sure to tune in on Friday, November 8th at 10pm .

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