‘Treme’ Star Khandi Alexander Joins ‘Scandal’ as Olivia Pope’s Mother

Treme's Khandi Alexander

Treme’s Khandi Alexander

Last week’s episode of Scandal left fans casting Diahann Carroll or Phylicia Rashad as Olivia Pope’s mother.

Star of HBO’s Treme Khandi Alexander will actually be assuming the recurring role , whose named Maya Lewis, starting this Thursday.

In addition to Treme , the 56-year-old award-winning actress/choreographer/dancer has an extensive resume that include CSI: Miami, Newsradio, and ER, The Corner, CB4, Menace II Society, Poetic Justice , and Sugar Hill .

Tune into her Scandal premiere this Thursday, November 7th at 10pm on ABC, and watch her in Treme ‘s fourth and final season, which begins Sunday, December 1st at 9pm on HBO.

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