Listen: Kendra Morris Gives Radiohead’s “Karma Police” A Soulful Makeover

Kendra Morris 2012 Promo by Mark McAndrews - 01

Kendra Morris (2012) photographed by Mark McAndrews

As we anticipate Kendra Morris ‘ forthcoming sophomore album Mockingbird , she unleashes a soulful cover of Radiohead ’s “Karma Police.”

Vocally compared to Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Joss Stone the Florida-bred, New York City-based songstress evokes the spirit of a modern-day Janis Joplin ,” as appropriately raved by Interview Magazine .

In addition to the Jeremy Page -produced remake of the Radiohead’s 1997 tune, the follow-up to her 2012 debut Banshee also includes sultry renditions of Pink Floyd , David Bowie , and Lou Reed songs.

“Thom Yorke has one of my favorite voices in contemporary music and the songs that Radiohead write have always inspired me. They always seem to have a haunting melody that all of a sudden takes a turn or a dip and locks you in with some sort of counter melody or vocals that get so big they could swallow you whole.

When we began to work on ‘Karma Police’ it only seemed right to take it somewhere completely different. I think that song has the most incredible tone and sets such a warm vibe as-is that it just made sense to give it an entirely new one.”

The Pink Floyd offering, “ Shine On You Crazy Diamond ,” appeared in the trailer for Colin Farrell ‘s 2013 film, Dead Man Down .

Take a listen below, grab the song on iTunes , and pick up Mockingbird on July 30th!

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