Listen: Denitia and Sene’s Sensual “breathe.dream.scream”

Denetia and Sene
Denetia and Sene

Denetia and Sene

Experimental R&B duo Denitia and Sene deliver a sexy new offering for Valentine’s Day, “breathe.dream.scream.”

Denitia , a singer-songwriter, and rapper Sene have a chemistry that is spilling all over this ambient electo-soul track, not unlike previous tunes from their fairly new collaboration.

In August 2012, the two Brooklynites released their first EP, blah blah blah , which featured three tracks: “casanova.,” “trip.fall.,” and “again. (new ride.).”

With the release of “breathe.dream.scream,” we’re also pleased to learn that the pair is planning to drop a full-length album sometime this year.

You can catch them performing live at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly on Friday, February 22nd .

Enjoy the track below, which is available for purchase here , and keep up with Denitia and Sene on Facebook and Twitter .

Listen: Denitia and Sene – “breathe.dream.scream”

last night when i was dreaming,
i saw a demon,
taking you from me and…
it had me sweating.

woke up from my sleep,
and i was tempted to come wake you
take you to a reverend…
it had me sweating.

just breathe, scream, and dream,
and i will wake you up for breakfast tomorrow.

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