Watch: denitia and sene’s intimate “trip.fall” performance for BKLYN1834

denitia and sene perform "trip.fall" for BKLYN1834

Director aaronisnotcool captures denitia and sene ‘s intimate hotel room performance of “trip.fall” for BKLYN1834 .

Denitia sings in the shower while sene chills on the bed in a hotel robe playing a small xylophone, but their concert for two is interrupted when sene’s mom calls denitia’s phone.

The original song first appeared as a bonus track on the singer/rapper duo’s 2012 EP blah blah blah , and made the cut for their experimental debut album his and hers. , which released March 2013.

An official video for the track, directed by cam be , premiered February 2013 on VEVO.

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