Listen & Ride Slow to BOSCO’s New ‘BOY’ EP


BOSCO’s ‘BOY’ EP is available now on iTunes

We never know what to expect from Atlanta-bred songstress BOSCO. Sonically, no project is ever quite the same as the last and we love her for it. Such is the case with her newest offering, simply titled BOY.

As a BOSCO fan, you really just go with her brilliant flow whether it’s a bluesy Spectrum EP (2008), her alternative Pacer collab with producer Dogbite in 2011, or the gloomy, trip-hop Let Go Of Me EP (2012).

Lately, she has been taking us on a nostalgic, but fresh experience inspired by 90s R&B, starting with the 2013 single Slippin‘,” from the Solange-curated Saint Heron compilation.

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Dealing mainly with matters of a broken heart, much of BOY has an overwhelming 90s influence, along with tinges of trap as well.

However, its final track, “ROSENWOOD | Pour The Whisky,” reminds us that the singer isn’t shying away from hard-hitting experimentation. 

Stream the Fool’s Gold debut EP below and buy it now on iTunes.