Creative Feature: #BlackMusicMonth – Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge by Komi Olaf

For our third installment of Black Music Month features, we’ve collected artwork inspired by late singer, actress and my personal obsession, Dorothy Dandridge .

Dorothy Dandridge painting by Komi Olaf (Canada)

The phenomenally talented and underrated icon started out on the Chitlin’ Circuit and gained fame as a solo artist from her performances in nightclubs like the Cotton Club and Apollo . She is well known for her renditions of songs such as “Blow Out the Candle” and “You Do Something To Me.”

As the first African-American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, Dorothy captivated audiences with her beauty and grace.

Her most popular role was in Carmen Jones (1954) alongside Harry Belafonte , which earned her a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Actress.

Dorothy passed away from an alleged overdose at just 42 years of age in 1965, and a film on her life was released in 1999 , in which she was wonderfully portrayed by Halle Berry .

Through illustration, paintings, fashion and more, her legacy lives on. Enjoy the artwork below, as well as several clips of Dorothy Dandridge’s musical and film performances.


Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte – ‘Das Love’ by Raglind

Dorothy Dandridge vector illustration by Nicole Alesi

Dorothy Dandridge vector illustration by Nicole Alesi

Dorothy Dandridge by New Week New Possibilities (California)

Dorothy Dandridge by Betty Larceny (Memphis, TN)

Dorothy Dandridge – Hollywood High School auditorium mural by Eloy Torrez

Dorothy Dandridge Funnel Neck Jacket by Nelesc

Dorothy Dandridge live drawing by Daseena (Florida)

Dorothy Dandridge illustration by Angelica Whetstone

Dorothy Dandridge “Carmen Jones” Poster by Clifford Faust


Watch: Dorothy Dandgrige in ‘Carmen Jones’ (1954)

Watch: Dorothy Dandridge and Nicholas Brothers Chattanooga Choo Choo

Watch: Dorothy Dandridge – Lazybones soundie, 1941

Watch: Dorothy Dandridge and Louis Armstrong “Whatcha Say?”, 1944

Watch: Dorothy Dandridge “Harlem on Parade”

Watch: Dorothy Dandridge performing “You Do Something to Me”

Watch: Dorothy Dandridge singing at Velvet Niteclub, 1953