Creative Pick of the Week: Erykah Badu Mural

Erykah Badu mural by Andre Woolery

Erykah Badu mural by Andre Woolery

Perhaps it’s early to pick the week’s most interesting creative pick, but we’ve sat on this long enough! Painted by NYC-based artist Andre Woolery , this phenomenal Erykah Badu mural is a part of his Paint The Town series. About the piece, the artist says:

“I quickly knew this would be one of my favorites. Understandably Ms. Badu is beautiful and I had become very comfortable with a paintbrush, but the experiment with graphical elements took it up another notch.

The design within the hair has very precise measurements to create illusion of wavering lines but the lines are perfectly parallel. Visually there is a battle between the luster of her striking, natural beauty and the mathematical matrix of her afro…just as long as you keep looking I’m happy.”

Erykah Badu by Andre Woolery

Erykah Badu by Andre Woolery in living room

Available as photo print or canvas print, the mural ranges between 34.99 and 349.99, and can be purchased at . Watch how the painting was made in the video footage below!

Watch Andre Woolery paint Erykah Badu from ‘Paint the Town’ series

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