Major Miss: World Asthma Foundation’s March 2012 Advertising Campaign
World Asthma Foundation March 2012 - alley

World Asthma Foundation March 2012 - "alley"

Created by United Arab Emirates-based advertising agency Bates PanGulfWorld Asthma Foundation‘s latest campaign attempts to show us how asthma can strike people anywhere and at anytime, but something is off.

The over-dramatic adverts feature bodies laying in strange positions, with each person somehow falling only in dark, secluded alleyways and creepy stairwells. People only suffer from asthma in places that may also be dangerous to travel alone?

We’re left wondering how the young woman in the “Street” ad lost her shoes. Have you ever fainted and lost, not your loose-fitting sandals, but sneakers?

World Asthma Foundation March 2012 - street

World Asthma Foundation March 2012 - "street"

Also, judging by the pack of cigarettes in every ad, each of these affected persons is a smoker. Since when do you need to be a smoker to have asthma symptoms? Let’s blame the research department for that one, Bobby.

More realistic situations, i.e: parks, schools, or crowded trains would have better executed the campaign’s tagline which reads “Asthma can attack you anywhere. Knowing your symptoms could save your life.”

World Asthma Foundation March 2012 - subway

World Asthma Foundation March 2012 - "subway"

Creative Directors: Prasanna Hegde, Richard Nugent
Creative Group Head: Rajaram Ojha
Art Directors: Abdul Shafeek, Vidhu Pv, Haja Mohideen
Copywriter: Sheldon Serrao