Watch: Childlish Gambino’s Video for “Heartbeat” Is All About “The Mood…” [Explicit]

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat music video

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) in new “Heartbeat” music video

Actor, comedian and alternative hip-hop artist Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has released the visuals for “Heartbeat.” It’s the 2nd single from his critically-acclaimed fourth studio album entitled CAMP .

Directed by Kyle Newacheck , the video drops just in time for those of you who will spend Valentine’s Day leaving angry messages for your exes, and who are way past the “Marvin’s Room” phase of thirst.

The raging lovers anthem is one of my many favorites from CAMP as Glover loses it over a pulsating beat and blaring synth chords. There isn’t much to the video but it’s all about the mood of the song — the dysfunction, anxiety, paranoia and delusions.

“I guess when it’s all said and done, fans should be able to check this out and just see my visualization of the song,” Donald told MTV . Meaning, the video is about more than a car ride and a Hot Cheetos makeout session.

You could take a few things from the video and form your own interpretations… For instance there’s the fact the he and his leading lady—played by model Adesuwa Aighewi —are separate throughout the entire car ride, with the exception of when they finally makeout in the backseat.

Donald drives for the first half of their trip, symbolizing the same control he has in the first verse of the song, where he ultimately gets what he wants from his former lover stating, “I’m a ghost and you know this, that’s why we broke up in the first place.”

For the second half of the trip, she drives; she’s now in control, taking Donald along for the ride. She abruptly ends their making out, and the expression on Donald ‘s face tells it all.

In the song, she “doesn’t want the same thing” that Donald does and this is where he loses it. He brings up his exploits with other women, attacks her new beau, and shows desperation with the lines like, “Are we dating? Are we fucking? Are we best friends? Are we something? In between that? I wish we never fucked and I mean that.”

Can you tell I’ve dealt with this type of relationship before? Good times and restraining orders. Enjoy the explicit version of the video below because bleeps and censorship annoy the fuck out of me.

Sidenote: did anyone else expect the love interest to be Asian? Well she’s actually Nigerian, Chinese and Thai – BOOM!

Watch Childish Gambino “Heartbeat” Official Video

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