Watch: Intimate Post-Apocalyptic Short Film, ‘HOLD’ [Full]

Eric Kolelas in 'HOLD' (2014)

Eric Kolelas in ‘HOLD’ (2014)

Eric Kolelas ‘ post-apocalyptic short drama, HOLD , beautifully packs a lot of emotion and commentary on humanity in just seven minutes.

The London-based Anglo-French actor and director stars in the feature as a lonesome man wandering a post-apocalyptic world, gathering what he can to survive.

When he finally encounters another person, a woman played by Amanda Fernando Stevens, he is faced with the humanity he had forgotten, as well as the emotions that come with it.

Eric Kolelas & Amanda Fernando Stevens in 'HOLD' (2014)

Eric Kolelas & Amanda Fernando Stevens in ‘HOLD’ (2014)

“I was definitely trying to play with the male/female power relation that we are used to see where men see women as a commodity for sex,” Eric told The London Tree earlier this year. “So the gender attribution did have a role to play in establishing that one message (out of many.) But the real symbolism only takes shape when what happens with each character on an emotional level challenges the status-quo.”

Eric says that he developed the concept for HOLD after doing some research on human needs and what happens when those needs are not satisfied.

“I came across the Maslow hierarchy of needs,” he says, “which designates physiological needs, like nutrition, health, and sex, as the first needs human need to satisfy before the next level of needs can be fulfilled. But I was more intrigued with the needs that involve human contact and connection.”

He continues: “With sex placed in the primary level, but love and belongingness on the third level, I tried to explore the possibility that oneʼs attempts to fulfill the need for sex could be a misguided effort to satisfy less acknowledged needs, but nevertheless important, such as affection, touch, and connection.”

HOLD was shown at the 2014 Euro Shorts Film Festival in Poland, and served as an Official Selection at the 2014 Aesthetica Short Film Festival in the UK and the 2014 BornShorts Film Festival in Denmark . Watch below.