‘Carl(a),’ Starring Laverne Cox, Screening Free in NYC | Apr. 20

Joslyn Defreece and  Laverne Cox in 'Carla' (2011)

Joslyn Defreece and Laverne Cox in ‘Carla’ (2011)

Eli Hershko ‘s Carl(a) , a film about a male-to-female pre-operational transwoman, will premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on April 20 as part of a fundraising campaign for the National Center of Transgender Equality .

Starring Joslyn Defreece , Laverne Cox ( Orange Is The New Black ), and Mark Margolis ( Breaking Bad ), the feature centers on Carl or Carla, who is contemplating how to come up with the cash needed to complete her transition while facing the hardship of being dejected from her family.

Carla suddenly gets the funds needed to complete her transition when Sam, a great guy who likes her just the way she is, has second thoughts about their relationship.

Now Carla is faced with a tough dilemma: should she transition and risk losing Sam, or remain the same and risk losing herself.

“I was so excited about this film because this is a very real story I have seen time and again over the years with people in my life but have never seen it told in a film so truthfully,” said Laverne Cox.

The New York premiere event will include a Q&A with the cast and director. Check out even details and watch the trailer below.


Monday, April 20, 2015
Doors: 6:15 pm
Screening: 7:00 pm


Ziegfeld Theatre
141 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019-5302




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