Listen: Beyoncé Serenades Jay-Z With New “Die With You” for 7th Anniversary

Beyoncé Performs "Die With You" Live

Beyoncé Performs “Die With You” Live

Today, Beyoncé commemorated seven years of marriage to Jay-Z with a beautiful performance of “Die With You,” a new ballad released exclusively through their latest joint streaming venture, TIDAL .

In a three-and-a-half minute clip, she bares her soul at a piano crooning “I wake up just to sleep with you / I open my eyes so I can see with you / And I live so I can die with you.” Take a listen to below, and watch the full video on TIDAL .


The HD music streaming service made its grand debut this week to rival industry-leading Spotify, which is said to pay artist very little for use of their content.

In additiona to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, its A-list co-owners include Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Jack White, Madonna, Chris Martin, Usher, and Daft Punk .

Though hailed as a “revolution” by the artists, TIDAL has been largely mocked online for jumping into a crowded market at double the price to make rich people richer.