Listen: The Tontons Explore Youth and Regret with ‘Bones’

The Tontons

Houston-based indie band The Tontons

As The Tontons ‘ front-woman purrs, “oh my… God,” I sway along, enchanted by the sound of the Houston indie rock band’s latest release, Bones .

The 7″ vinyl, which follows their acclaimed Golden EP , packs quirky, carefree fun and somber morning-after regret into two singles.

Led by tiny powerhouse Asli Omar (vocals), The Tontons’ unique sound is further shaped by Tom Nguyen (bass), and Brothers Adam and Justin Martinez (guitars and drums).

An upbeat ”Bones 1″ keeps your foot tapping as you sing along: “one of these days I’ll go to sleep on time, only drink water, I’ve got to stay in line… but today is not that day, and I am not that girl…”

While a bluesy “Bones 2″ takes a down-tempo rock-n-roll path, with Asli crooning, “tastes like shame, burns like sin…”

The band has been working hard for their growing popularity, playing the local scene since 2008 and earning a MTV Buzzworthy feature in 2012.

Look out for them at SXSW 2013 and listen to Bones , available on vinyl and via mp3 , below.

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