Billboard Music Awards Boost Sales for Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran

2013 Billboard Music Awards - Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez and Ed Sheeran

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards , which I missed due to personal matters I had to attend to, added some big sales gains on the charts this week, to artists such as Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez and Ed Sheeran , just to name a few, due to their well received performances.

In the week ending on May 19th, which was the night of the awards show, the broadcast spurred an overall 15% gain for the 18 previously released songs performed on the broadcast, which is impressive, due to only a few hours being left in the week before the close of business on Sunday night.

All together, the 18 songs sold a total of 842,000 downloads, which is a 109,000 increase from last week’s sales.

Bruno Mars’ Treasure (24,000; up 220%), Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s Live It Up (65,000; up 53%) and Ed Sherran’s Lego House (56,000; up 134%) are among the songs included in the sales gain.

Other songs that earned an increase in sales include Chris Brown ‘s Fine China (35,000; up 41%), Selena Gomez ‘s Come and Get It (164,000; up 15%), ‘s #thatPower ,” featuring Justin Bieber (81,000; up 3%) and David Guetta ‘s Play Hard ,” featuring Akon and Ne-Yo (12,000; up 164%).

A bigger sales surge is expected to happen next week, due to the post-show impact. Thoughts?

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