5 Money-Saving Tips From Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop”

Thrift shopping Thrift store philosophy has taken artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to the top of the Billboard charts and it’s easier than most people believe to maintain a certain lifestyle without spending a fortune.

It’s all in the attitude and shopping prowess, according to these savvy recording artists. Thrift stores are the premiere place to find secondhand swag.

This recording duo is living large in hip-hop style after rocking to fame via tours, social media campaigns and fans that spread the word.

Their first album, The Heist, reached #2 on the Billboard 200 charts, but it’s their hit single, “ Thrift Shop ,” that is opening up the perks of frugal living to fans around the globe.

Opportunity Buying

The problem with a thrift store life is expectation. People go into these secondhand retailers hoping for gold each time, and it doesn’t happen. The key is patience. Shoppers desperate to find things get disappointed.

Macklemore explains you should go into the store with no expectations. Realistic consumers know thrift store buying is one of opportunity. They buy what they like when they see it. Going in with a specific item in mind means limiting possibilities, the best treasures come for those just browsing.

Keep Going Back

Thrift stores add new inventory all the time. The more often a shopper hits the store, the more likely they are to find something truly fabulous. Take time to dig through the merchandise in the store too.

After awhile, thrift store shopping will become a guilty pleasure that replaces money-sucking habits. The point of thrift store shopping is to waste time, not cash.

Buy to Wear

Shopaholics all over the world have closets full of items they never wear. That addiction doesnt change just because the shopping locale does. Macklemore recommends buying items that mean something.

Shoppers should focus on things they will wear or trade. Frugal living is about avoiding waste. It is just as easy to squander cash in a thrift store as it is in a mall.

Dont Be Afraid to Mix-n-Match

Not every piece has to be a secondhand treasure. Build an outfit from the used pile and make it distinctive with brand name items. There is nothing wrong with matching a chic thrift store jacket with a pair of high-end sneakers. Save when you can, but the occasional splurge is okay too.

About Living Frugal

Living a champagne life on a beer budget is a buzz phrase these days. It means finding ways to save without sacrificing style. Thrift store shopping is just one option that will put money in the bank.

Super couponing has become an art form even taught in schools. Consumers go to a store and buy 200 dollars worth of products, but their out-of-pocket expense is just 40.

For those with questionable spending habit, get auto financing for bad credit . It not only puts a ride on the road, but helps improve future options by rebuilding credit. Many companies offer fast, no-nonsense approvals online.

Bartering is another way to get more bang for the buck. Shoppers who enjoy the thrift store game can set up barter groups to add another option to support that cold-ass honkey lifestyle.

Watch: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Thrift Shop” ft Wanz Official Video

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