Racism Makes A Comeback After Obama Re-Election!

Obama Election Racism – Twitter 15

“I’m so glad this younger generation of White people is different,” says every delusional American ever.

Obama Election Racism - Twitter - @brittd1178

Moments leading up to and even the day following President Obama ‘s re-election, anti-Black and Latino sentiments have been spewing all over social media sites like Twitter, and some of you strangely seem to be shocked.

“We’re almost in 2013! What is wrong with people!?”

Was there a memo that all racism was supposed to just magically disappear as of 2008? Did all the racists just hide in caves and meth labs while we all frolicked around in our Utopian Post-Racial American Melting Pot ?

What has made Americans think that, for any moment, racism would have an end date?

And why does it take the use of specific slurs, like “ nigger ” and “ monkey ,” for people to be appalled, as if policies such as New York City’s Stop and Frisk don’t clearly express exactly how Black and Latino youth are to be treated and viewed.

Obama Election Racism on Twitter - @countrydipper11

“Our President is Black, racism is over! ” has sounded ridiculous for the past  four years and it’s even more laughable now.

The truth is, “get that faggot nigger out of the White House” is the exact same as “ let’s take our country back ,” a phrase we’ve been hammered with since the first sweet sounds of Tea Party chanting!

Obama Election Racism on Twitter - @fort_kurt17

The truth is, the racism that you — for no logical reason at all — thought went out with bell bottoms, has deeply manifested in a new generation of angry White teenagers and young adults who’ve learned very well from their parents.

These people feed on rhetoric from our politicians who call Barack Obama a Kenyan Muslim Socialist Atheist Anti-Christ Hitler-Reincarnated Welfare President and secretly gay.

Obama Election Racism on Twitter - @kg39bseball

The truth is, these racists haven’t actually been hiding at all and they don’t just dwell in the dark hallways of the interwebs .

Maybe I should more upset over what I’ve seen my fellow Americans saying about our President now that he has won his second term, but it’s actually a relief . I’m sick and tired of the coded language aka “new racism.”

I’ve had enough of people who don’t know a single Obama policy outside of the term “ Obamacare ” telling me that it’s “his failed policies” that they don’t like, not his skin color.

At least Bill O’Reilly admitted on Election night that “the White establishment” being a “minority” is the real fear.

Obama Election Racism on Twitter - @antidarkskinned

Racists, you can stop pretending. It’s 2012. Just call him a nigger, call me a nigger, nigger nigger nigger and get it off your chest (because you never can get out of your system, can you?)

And I can continue to laugh heartily at terms like “reverse racism” and “race baiting,” this time knowing that you know that I know that you know they’re bullshit.

On the bright side, it’s refreshing to see other Whites call these racists out.

And on the hilariously sad side, @Brittd1178 , who tweeted “Everybody get out and vote so we can get this nigger out of office” and then apologized, is now a Twitter celebrity! Enjoy some merciless roasting of Britt D below, as well as a shit ton of more really racist tweets!

Racist @brittd1178 gets meme'd

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