Get Over It: “Obama Doesn’t Care About White People”


Obama Doesn't Care About White People The graphic to the right is partially inspired by Kanye West ‘s television meltdown in which he proclaimed: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” after Hurricane Katrina.

Glenn Beck is using a similar tactic that perhaps isn’t so well-founded, stating that President Obama “hates White culture.”

Maybe I’m wrong for being totally amused by these extreme statements but obviously some people are letting their worst fears get the best of them.

It’s even more amusing because just a few months ago, the same person and FOX his peers questioned Obama ‘s Blackness because his mother is White.

The End Of Racism?

Glenn Beck called the U.S. President “a racist with a problem,” which he later retracted and then stood by again.

This flip-flop of opinion is spurred by Obama ’s comments on the arrest of black Harvard professor Dr. Henry Louis Gates , stating that the police “acted stupidly.”

And while I wish Obama would have chosen a less definitive approach in his answer — how is it racist? How does it at all prove that he “hates White culture?”

Since Barack Obama ‘s election, some have adopted the idea that racism simply ended — many of which being Black people.

The thought is especially popular among those who do not live and have never lived in the southern part of the United States.

Sadly, this is why I grinned a little when Sean Bell , a 23 year-old unarmed black male, was shot at 50 times and murdered in Queens, NY in 2006.

Those officers were found innocent. I grinned again when tension in Jena, LA boiled into a race war because of the school’s “white tree.”

But “racism is over.” This country has many decades to go through before Black Americans can see a Black Harvard scholar arrested for entering his own home and not see the race riots of 1968 .

“It’s often times that Blacks are accused of always trying to bring race into things, but as you see, everyone seems to try to pull the race and racism card when convenient. President Obama wouldn’t have even been asked about the situation if he wasn’t Black.”

- AlterEgo909

“Get over it.”

Get over what exactly? While the argument is typically surrounding slavery, the history after the supposed abolishment of slavery is far more disgusting and damaging.

And why should the “getting over” be one-sided? Black Americans are not Africans and are not going back to Africa. Get over it. Mexico’s relocated to North America.

Get over it. Virginia, you lost the Civil War. Get over it. And finally, your president is Black… with a White mother… Get over it.

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