Watch: Paula Jai Parker Uses Dangerous Magic to Bring Love Back in TV One Thriller ‘The Summoning’

Paula Jai Parker in 'The Summoning' (2015)

Paula Jai Parker in ‘The Summoning’ (2015)

In TV One’s forthcoming original movie, The Summoning, Paula Jai Parker (Hustle & Flow) stars as a remarried widow who resurrects her first husband (Terrell Tilford) from the dead, with the reunion turning into a life-threatening affair.

Though her new husband (Dorian Missick) is everything she could hope for, the passion in her marriage is lukewarm at best.

Given an artifact – a spiritual medallion said to awaken the deceased – by a dead friend’s brother (Darius McCrary), she cannot resist temptation and invokes the magic of the mysterious gift.

The reunion with her past love is emotional but turns deadly very quickly as his spirit begins to strengthen and make life-threatening demands.

Written by Scott Mullen and directed by Charles Murray (Things Never Said), The Summoning will premiere on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 8/7c on TV One. It will re-air at 10/9c. Check out the trailer and couple of previews below.

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