Watch: Angel Haze’s Heart-Wrenching “Battle Cry” Video [TW-Rape, Self-Harm]

Angel Haze's "Battle Cry" Music Video

Angel Haze’s “Battle Cry” Music Video

Rapper Angel Haze presents strong but disturbing visuals for Battle Cry ,” a triumph anthem featuring Australian singer-songwriter Sia .

Most of the Frank Borin -directed clip is hard to watch, as religious zealots pimp out their young daughter and she grows into a teenage girl that is so racked with emotional trauma that she self-mutilates.

While the subject-matter doesn’t consume all of Angel’s five year catalog, the talented Detroit-born lyricist has never shied away from how she’s had to overcome her cult-like Pentecostal Apostolic upbringing and being raped by an adult as a child.

“I woke up one Sunday morning, stopped believing in Jesus / Stopped believing in churches, I stopped believing in preachers / I realized I was a teacher, not just one of the heathens,” Angel confesses.

She then encourages fans to find strength in themselves, rapping “I’m born to destroy the fallacies, stop creating believers / Start creating the leaders, tell them who should they follow/ Nobody but themselves, especially if they hollow / Especially when they empty, in desperate search for fulfillment / You the only person alive that holds the key to your healing.”

“Battle Cry” is just one of many heavy tracks from Angel’s debut album Dirty Gold , which released December 30, 2013 via Universal Republic and Island Records.

The set features collaborations with Markus Dravs, Mike Dean, Greg Kurstin, Malay, Rudimental and A Tribe Called Red .

Dirty Gold is supported by lead single Echelon (It’s My Way) ,” which premiered October 15, 2013 and promotional single “ No Bueno ,” which released June 2, 2013.

Now a Brooklyn treasure, Angel has previously released six mixtapes and one EP: 2009’s New Moon , 2011’s Altered Ego and King , 2012’s Voice , Reservation , Classick , and New York .

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