Watch: African Gods as Superheroes in ‘Oya: Rise of the Suporishas’ [Full Film]

Following its release for streaming over the summer, you can now watch Nosa Igbinedion ‘s sci-fi/action film Oya: Rise of the Suporishas for free above.

'Oya: Rise of the Suporishas'

‘Oya: Rise of the Suporishas’

In the 12-minute short film, ancient African dieties of the Yorùbá people come to life as modern-day superheroes. See the synopsis below:

“The film resurrects mythical deities from African folklore, known as Orishas, into modern-day superheroes, focusing on Ade, one of the few people in the modern world who still has a connection with one of the gods Oya. Oya’s job is to keep the doorway between the world of man and the world of the Orishas firmly closed for, if it is opened, the Orishas will wreak havoc upon the Earth as retribution for man’s abandonment of them. To keep the door shut she must find the ‘key’ (a young girl with the potential to open the doorway) and keep her safe.”

A feature length version of the film is still in pre-production, and a comic book series has been launched at

Though Yorùbá is rooted in Nigeria, due to the slave trade it spread to through Latin America and the Caribbean. It has also influenced ways of life such as Lucumí , Umbanda and Candomblé .

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While there are over 400 Orishas, in Rise of the Orisha we expect to see the most popular: Agayu, Babalu Aye, Erinle, Eshu, Ibeji, Obatala, Obba, Ochumare, Ogun, Oko, Olokun, Olurun, Ori, Orunmila, Oshu, Oxosi, Oya, Ozain, Shango and Yemaja .

Oya, referenced in the film title, is described as the Tempest, Guardian of the Cemetery, Winds of Change, Storms and Progression.