Watch: Trans Activist Janet Mock Talks New Book ‘Redefining Realness’ With Melissa H. Perry

Janet Mock on the Melissa H. Perry Show

Janet Mock on the Melissa H. Perry Show

Transgender activist Janet Mock (and those amazing curls) sat down with Melissa H. Perry on MSNBC this past weekend to speak on trans visibility and her new memoir Redefining Realness , which released Tuesday, February 4th.

Melissa revealed that the book made her cry saying, “the humanity and the intellect engaged in this piece is really lovely.”

“Not enough of our stories are being told,” Janet said. “The political context was important for me but I knew that young girls needed a personal story that reflected them. And I think that a lot of marginalized women will see themselves in the experiences that I describe in this story. I wanted to create — as Alice Walker said — create the story I didn’t have growing up.”

While gay civil rights orgs focus on marriage, transgender communities face widespread discrimination in employment, housing, criminal justice and health.

The editor has become an influential and outspoken public figure and “a desperately needed voice for an often voiceless community. She offers a bold and inspiring perspective on being young, multicultural, economically challenged, and transgender in America.” Enjoy her interview below.