Derrick Jaxn: Rachel Jeantel’s Biggest Critics Are Black

Rachel Jeantel

Rachel Jeantel

Even if you haven’t been watching the George Zimmerman trial, you’ve likely heard about Trayvon Martin ‘s “hostile,” “ignorant” friend Rachel Jeantel .

While it’s almost expected for non-Blacks to judge her harshly, her worst critiques seem to be coming from other Black people.

This includes friends of mine, who find it necessary to call her a “nigger” for being illiterate, and already blame the loss of the trial on her testimony.

A general view of the social media bashing has been spotted by in The Smearing of Rachel Jeantel , and the comments made by Black social media users in particular bothers author Derrick Jaxn who writes:

“I wrote an article about Paula Deen’s use of the N-word and how white people are losing regard for our painful past but after watching the George Zimmerman trial, I deleted it.

Trayvon Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel, was mocked and ridiculed yesterday via social media, and from what I could see, 99% of it was from her own race.

She’s only 19 years old, under more pressure than any of us could imagine, and was involved in a tragic situation of being the last to talk to her friend who was killed shortly thereafter. Instead of embracing her, we make jokes about her weight, her public speaking, and of ALL things….her color.

We can’t hold white people to a higher standard of respecting black people than we hold ourselves. We can’t punish them for hating us and “holding us back” while leading by example and showing them how it’s done.

There’s by FAR more black people that hate black people than there are white people who hate black people. We show it by the self-hatred we project on those like Rachel Jeantel in times like these.

But this isn’t new. We did the same with Gabby Douglas when her “ponytail was undone” as she won gold medals. Remember?

I’m not saying I ever excuse the acts of racist people vs. blacks. I just want us all to be aware that we’re DARING them to do the very thing we are DEMONSTRATING.

The worst thing about all this is, those that need to hear this message, probably won’t.”


[thanks Jessica]