Watch: New Trailer for Gripping Oscar-Nominated Somalian Short Film, ‘Asad’

'Asad' Movie Still

Somalian-set short film, ‘Asad’

Bryan Buckley ‘s 2013 Oscar-nominated short film, Asad , tells a captivating story of the spirit and struggle of the Somalian people.

Shot on the west coast of Cape Town, the film is set in a war-torn fishing village in Somalia, where a boy must decide between resigning to a life of piracy or choosing the path of an honest fishing man.

Featuring an all-Somali refugee cast, Asad is competing for an Oscar in the Best Short Film category, following 13 award wins from festivals around the world, including Tribeca, Raindance and Los Angeles film festivals.

Asad ‘s official trailer had our eyes wide and our mouths open. Enjoy the trailer below and watch the full movie on iTunes .

Asad Official Trailer

spotted via shadowandact

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