Watch: Sarah Jones Depicts How Sex Work May Be Seen From the Future

In a recent TEDTalk, Tony Award-winning monologist, playwright, actress, and poet, Sarah Jones shared an intriguing excerpt from her new solo show, Sell/Buy/Date , which tackles issues of human trafficking. Watch above.

In her brilliant performance, Sarah Jones brings us to a classroom in the future, one where gender and racial constructs have phased out.

As a teacher, she shows her students different personas from the year 2016 to display their varied attitudes on the taboo topic of sex work.

Jones exercises her chameleon-like ability, effortlessly shifting into four additional characters: an elderly homemaker, a “sex work studies” major, an escort, a nun-turned-prostitute and a guy at a strip club for his bachelor party.

Jones’ full performances of Sell/Buy/Date will begin in Fall 2015.