Aaron McGruder’s Controversial ‘Black Jesus’ Hits Adult Swim on Aug. 7


“Are you ready for Black Jesus?”

Tonight Adult Swim will premiere Aaron McGruder ‘s already controversial Black Jesus , and we can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about.

Adult Swim's 'Black Jesus'

Adult Swim’s ‘Black Jesus’

The Boondocks creator has conservative groups fuming over his foul-mouthed live-action comedy, which centers on Jesus, who lives in present-day Compton, California, where he and his small group of followers are on “a mission to spread love throughout the neighborhood.”

Watch: Black Jesus Extended Trailer


The hilarious cast is led by Gerald “Slink” Johnson ( Grand Theft Auto V ), Charlie Murphy ( Are We There Yet ), Corey Holcomb ( The Cleveland Show ) and John Witherspoon ( The Boondocks / The First Family ), Kali Hawk ( Couples Retreat ), and Andra Fuller ( L.A. Complex ).

The show is executive-produced by Aaron through his 5 Mutts Productions , along with writer/director Mike Clattenberg ( Trailer Park Boys ) and LEG Media ’s Norman Aladjem and John Bravakis .

Check out the show’s episode guide and descriptions via VixenVarsity.com and tune into Adult Swim tonight and every Thursday night at 11/10c :

  • Episode 1: Break Bread – Black Jesus hits up his friends on the cell to break bread and maybe have some barbecue.
  • Episode 2: The Cure – The prince of peace deals with some haters.
  • Episode 3: Gluttony – Because Black Jesus loves his neighbor, he has to lay some truth about his neighbor’s fat ass.
  • Episode 4: In the Club – Black Jesus clarifies the limitations on turning the other cheek.
  • Episode 5: Nice Ass Yeans – Black Jesus wonders which brothers are willing to be his keeper.
  • Episode 6: Parking Lot – Black Jesus gets no love from Tubesteak’s crew.
  • Episode 7: Riding Sweet – Even Jesus needs to think about how he can make himself a better person.
  • Episode 8: Steve Jobs – The true secret of Apple’s success is revealed.
  • Episode 9: Thugs for the Lord – Black Jesus and Tupac recently had an important conversation about violence in the world.
  • Episode 10: Water into Henny – Black Jesus is very frustrated with the lack of gratitude shown to his miracles
  • Episode 11: Wii – Tough person to beat at Wii Tennis?